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Our Public Statement on Recent Events


"A profitable conversation about current events always begins in antiquity," remarked Joshua Gibbs (a talented educator in a sister classical school) to his students in response to last week's happenings at the Capitol.  

Six Resources for the Season of Advent

This has been a difficult year, filled with tension and waiting. When will this pandemic end? When will we get a vaccine? When will my kids be able to travel and see their grandparents? When can I stop worrying about my loved ones? If you’re like...

Election Day and the Liberal Arts

Already, more than 90 million United States Citizens have voted.  Millions more will cast ballots today. 

Hidden Blessings in the Pandemic

Most of us have experienced a significant disruption at some point, be it a serious illness, the death of a loved one, a season of unemployment, or a move to a new area. Clearly, COVID has been a disruption for our community and the whole world....

30 Things to Do With Your Children While You're At Home

As a school leadership team, we've recently discussed the difference between "entertainment" and "leisure."  Screens provide entertainment.  Have we lost what it means to enjoy "leisure?"  Below, we offer a series of ideas that may help you add...

Six Tips for Managing Technology While Your Children Learn at Home

Coronavirus has turned the world on its head.  As a school that strives to minimize the use of technology, today we find our students using it extensively for their learning.  We want to encourage our community to be intentional about when and...

Redeeming the Use of Technology

When I was a student in a theologically conservative and Reformed college, we often used the phrase, “The antithesis runs through it.”  In one sense, the statement is a reminder that the distinctions of good and bad or sacred and secular don’t...

Classical, Christian Education: Higher SAT Scores Than All Other School Types “Without Even Trying”

One of the distinguishing features of classical education is we refuse to “teach to the test.” Instead, we immerse students in the great conversation of Western, Christian Civilization, exposing them early and often to the best minds humanity has...

A 10-Step Guide to College Applications


“Coming up on your senior year? What are you thinking for college?” – a common refrain heard from many a Northern Virginia parent. Senior year can be a stressful enough time for any high schooler juggling school, extracurriculars, and time with...

Six Tips for Managing Children’s and Teens’ Use of Technology

The modern household is overrun with technology. And, what’s hard is that technology is easy.

It entertains us.

It is addictive.

It entertains and keeps our children quiet after a long, hard day at work.

But, brain-based research says it’s...