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Alumni Interview: Jack Houston

Posted by Sarah Wishard on Jan 10, 2024 3:12:40 PM

I recently sat down with alumnus Jack Houston, who graduated from Dominion in 2023. He is now attending Grove City College, and he answered a few questions for me after completing his first semester of freshman year. 

Hi Jack! Tell me your background with Dominion and what you’re up to now. 

“I went to Dominion all thirteen years. I graduated this past summer, and I’m a freshman at Grove City. I’m currently majoring in entrepreneurship, but that could change—maybe to Biblical Studies, or maybe something else in the business school.”


In what ways did Dominion prepare you for college? 

“Academically, [Dominion] definitely prepared me well. I think some of my college classes are easier than a lot of my friends who went to other schools find them to be. Especially going to a Christian school, the classical Christian background helped out with my general education classes. I knew most of what I learned from my first college Bible class from Dominion. Also, relationally, I think Dominion prepared me because I can enjoy being around anybody because having a small class at Dominion required me to get along with everyone—even if they were different from me.” 


What else makes Dominion unique? 

“I did a lot more writing than a lot of my friends. We definitely had more discussion in class. A lot of people are used to lecture style, and I’m still getting used to that.” 


What is something unexpected you took away from Dominion that you didn’t realize you gained until you left?

“This might not be unexpected, but to get to know your teachers and use them as resources. Looking back, I can tell all the teachers really cared. You can take that for granted while you’re at school, but then now that I’m at college I can see, ‘Oh wow, all these teachers really were pouring into us, and they really wanted to know me.’”


What do you miss about Dominion?

“I do kind of miss having my small group of really close friends and seeing them all the time. It’s nice to have a bigger group of people, but I sometimes miss just having my two closest friends around me all the time. Also, I played just about every sport at Dominion, so I miss doing that. I play baseball now, and I love it, but being able to play soccer and basketball even if I wasn’t amazing at them was a lot of fun.” 


If you had kids, would you want to send them to Dominion? 



Tell me more! 

“Well, I think I had a really good experience with Dominion. Dominion teaches truth and teaches how to think. Ultimately, they put God at the center of everything.” 


What is a moment from school that always makes you laugh? 

“Probably for the past four or five years, decorating the guys' bathroom for Christmas was a highlight. People put a lot of effort into it, it was such a quirky and fun thing to do.” 


Do you have a favorite book you read at Dominion?

"There are a bunch, but I really liked Quo Vadis, which was our summer read between sophomore and junior year."


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