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Dominion Blog

Science Fair: The Why

Science Fair - two words that bring dread to the minds of many parents. Apprehension turns to procrastination until the looming deadline triggers a frantic search for some novel idea that will not humiliate your child as he opens his trifold board...

Alumni Reflection: Inspiro Week

Krista Wichterman graduated from Dominion in 2020. She currently attends Baylor University, where she is studying English, sociology, and communications. Here, she shares a few reflections about Inspiro Week, which began during her time at Dominion. 

Alumni Interview: Jack Houston

I recently sat down with alumnus Jack Houston, who graduated from Dominion in 2023. He is now attending Grove City College, and he answered a few questions for me after completing his first semester of freshman year. 

Redeeming the Use of Technology

When I was a student in a theologically conservative and Reformed college, we often used the phrase, “The antithesis runs through it.” In one sense, the statement is a reminder that the distinctions of good and bad or sacred and secular don’t quite...

Classical, Christian Education: Higher SAT Scores Than All Other School Types “Without Even Trying”

One of the distinguishing features of classical education is we refuse to “teach to the test.” Instead, we immerse students in the great conversation of Western, Christian Civilization, exposing them early and often to the best minds humanity has...

A 10-Step Guide to College Applications

“Coming up on your senior year? What are you thinking for college?” – a common refrain heard from many a Northern Virginia parent. Senior year can be a stressful enough time for any high schooler juggling school, extracurriculars, and time with...

Avoid the Summer Slide: Tips For Keeping Kids Learning

In The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame writes about Mole’s summer vacation:

This day was only the first of many similar ones for the emancipated Mole, each of them longer and full of interest as the ripening summer moved onward. He learnt to...

Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract: An Interview with Dominion’s Fourth Grade Teacher About the Value of Singapore Math

“Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract: An Interview with Dominion’s Fourth Grade Teacher About the Value of Singapore Math”