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A foundational feast for our littlest learners

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Why Kindergarten at Dominion? Our kindergarten program sets a foundational feast of learning before our students. We aim to help our students develop a love of learning and introduce them to the rhythms and culture of our school. Kindergarten is a rich year for forming the hearts of our littlest students to love what is good, true, and beautiful while building a strong academic foundation.


We offer full- and half-day options to best serve our families.


Establishing A Love For Learning

Kindergarten is a year of introductions! Students are introduced to the world of school socially, organizationally, and academically. Parents will have the opportunity to participate in lunches, recess, mystery reader, class projects, special days, and festivals.

While every child matures at his or her own pace, we generally encourage students to apply when they have turned five by September 1st. 



Building Language Skills

Kindergarten is a rich year of language skill-building as we expose our students to phonics, grammar, and spelling. 

Our study of phonics is based on the Orton-Gillingham methodology developed by IMSE. This structured literacy approach breaks reading and spelling down into smaller skills to build strong readers using a multi-sensory, scientific approach to help all learners. The children also begin to write with D’Nealian-style manuscript.  This exercise prepares them for cursive writing in first grade.


Introducing Numbers

We want our kindergarten students to develop strong number sense. This number sense helps them grow as mathematicians as they move from concrete manipulatives to pictorial representations and finally (in later years) work with abstract (numerical) representations. Dominion uses Math in Focus, a curriculum based on Singapore Math methodology. 



Forming a Biblical Worldview

All truth is God’s Truth. The world was created for God’s glory and for man’s delight.

Kindergarten focuses on an overview of Old and New Testament stories and characters including the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  ABC Bible Verses for Children provides practical application stories to illustrate the meaning of the verses learned.  The children participate in daily singing, praying and recitation of the Bible verse for the week.

Class Pic Apple Day

Delighting in the World

The students make scientific discoveries through the study of the five senses, animals and their habitats, plants, and simple machines.  We also have a focused study on trees and weather utilizing FOSS (Full Option Science System) kits.  FOSS kits are a research-based science curriculum developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley.

Kindergarteners will "travel" around the world in their study of world geography! We identify the continents, the compass rose, and the oceans.  During the second half of the year, parents, friends, or relatives come once a week to share pictures, information, and food from a different country.  We compile a booklet of the flags for each country studied and students love collecting their passports around the world. 


Full- and Half-Day

We offer both full- and half-day options to serve our families best. Core academic subjects are concentrated in the morning, and half-day students are dismissed after lunch and recess. 



What Are Parents Saying About Kindergarten at Dominion?

"We love Dominion's kindergarten. Our older son started there nine years ago and his closest friendships to this day are with those who were his kindergarten classmates. Our youngest son completed kindergarten at Dominion last year.

The most important aspect of the classical Christian approach is it fosters a curiosity about the world and a life-long love affair with learning. That cannot begin early enough."

Bob & Patty Houston

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