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5 Year Olds

kindergarten program

Establishing A Love For Learning

Kindergarten is a year of introductions socially, organizationally, and academically. Parents will have the opportunity to participate with lunches, recess, mystery reader, class projects, special days and festivals.

While every child matures at his or her own pace, we generally encourage students to apply when they have turned five by September 1st. 




Phonics, grammar and spelling are encompassed under the title of language.

Our Phonics curriculum was created by Veritas Press. Additional support materials which are implemented are Modern Curriculum Press phonics, and The Victory Drill Book. Phonics is the foundation for solid decoding and encoding words, sentences and stories.  The children identify the letter sound, connections apply the rules and read the first book six weeks after school begins.

In Grammar, we address types of sentences, identification of paragraphs, punctuation, nouns, verbs and article adjectives.

Spelling begins in the third marking period.  Most of the words are consonant-vowel- consonant words, with an occasional blend or digraph toward the end of the year.

The children are instructed in the D’Nealian style manuscript.  This prepares them for cursive writing in first grade.


Math, Science and Geography

Dominion uses Math in Focus (Singapore Math) curriculum.  Math in Focus is a wonderful catalyst to understand number sense; beginning in concrete form, then pictorial and then moving to the abstract numerical.

The students are introduced to a variety of scientific discoveries   through the study of the five senses, animals and their habitats, plants, and simple machines.  We also have a focused study on trees and weather utilizing FOSS (Full Option Science System) kits.  FOSS kits are a research-based science curriculum developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley.

Kindergartners will "travel" around the world in their study of world geography. We begin identifying the continents, the compass rose, and the oceans.  During the second half of the year, parents, friends or relatives come once a week to share pictures, information and food from the country we are studying.  We compile a booklet of the flags for each country studied.


biblical worldview in kindergarten

A Biblical Worldview

All truth is God’s Truth. The world was created for God’s glory and for man’s delight.

Kindergarten focuses on an overview of Old and New Testament stories and characters including the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  ABC Bible Verses for Children provides practical application stories to illustrate the meaning of the verses learned.  The children participate in daily singing, praying and recitation of the Bible verse for the week.

Kindergarten Reading List

Sing, Spell, Read, and Write Reader Series

Veritas Kindergarten Readers Series

Little Bear                            Lobel

Mouse Tales                        Lobel

Mouse Soup                         Lobel

Digging-est Dog                  Perkins

Frog and Toad All Year       Lobel

What Are Parents Saying About Kindergarten at Dominion?

"We love Dominion's kindergarten. Our older son started there nine years ago and his closest friendship to this day are with those who were his kindergarten classmates. Our youngest son completed kindergarten at Dominion last year.

The most important aspect of the Classical Christian approach is it fosters a curiosity about the world and a life-long love affair with learning. That cannot begin early enough."

--- Bob & Patty Houston

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