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Financial Information

Funding a Dominion Education: 2023-2024

Concerned about funding a high-quality classical Christian education for your children?  Dominion offers a sliding-scale financial aid program.  Subject to availability of funds, need-based financial aid is available to families who cannot comfortably afford full tuition.  Much like college financial aid, our program is based on a sliding scale that includes a broad range of income levels. For families who do not receive tuition assistance, tuition rates for the 2023-2024 school year are as follow. For more information, or to apply for tuition assistance, please visit our tuition assistance page

        2023-2024 Tuition for Grades K-6   $15,600.00
        2023-2024 Tuition for Grades 7-12  $19,240.00


While Dominion does not offer a multi-child discount, we do offer need-based tuition assistance that, among other things, takes into consideration the size of your family, the number of children in private school, and the number of children in college.  We encourage families with multiple children to apply for assistance in order to help us provide a financial award that will help you comfortably afford our program.
In many cases, the federal government allows for up to $10,000 in tax-free payments from 529 plans for expenses for private K-12 education.  We recommend checking with your financial advisor for more information.
Dominion employs FACTS, one of the largest providers of financial aid management in private education, to provide a secure, confidential online application process. You may start or access your FACTS account and application HERE.
Dominion charges an annual student activity fee in lieu of asking for funds throughout the year to cover classroom needs, field trips, overnight trips, and other expenses.  Paid annually or monthly, the fee covers all of the core expenses you will be expected to pay while your child is enrolled in Dominion with two exceptions: optional activities or offerings (school lunches, electives, pizza lunch, etc.) and the junior/senior class trip to Europe.  Otherwise, you may expect that all of your expenses will be covered by tuition and fees.  For 2023-2024, the fees are as follows:


Grades K-6
Grades 7-8
Grades 9-10
Grades 11-12

*Important: The 11th and 12th grade fee is lowered for 2023-2024, as juniors and seniors will travel to Europe—a trip funded directly by families rather than through fees. 


Tuition insurance (3.0% of full annual tuition) is due May 15, 2023* and is mandatory unless tuition is paid in full by this date. If a family pays annually and elects not to participate in the Tuition Insurance plan, the family will remain obligated to pay full-year fees and tuition in case of withdrawal or dismissal from Dominion.


Grades K-6
Grades 7-12
If Dominion acquires a new facility for the 2023-2024 school year, students who attend the North Campus (returning Potomac Falls and Reston students and any transfers from Oakton) will be assessed a $1,250 per student annual fee ($2,500 per family maximum).  The fee will be eliminated in the near future, as soon as enrollment growth is sufficient to sustain expense increases without the revenue generated by the fee, possibly as soon as fall 2023.


Dominion relies upon private revenues not only for operation, but also for future growth, expansion, and improvement of our programs, facilities, and student offerings.  Tuition and our annual fund gifts cover today's expenses.  We also charge a one-time fee to all new families at Dominion that helps us create a stronger Dominion for tomorrow.  The cost is $975 and is billable in May, semi-annually, or monthly, depending upon a family's chosen payment plan.
This is a supplemental program option available by separate agreement.

This is a supplemental program option available by separate agreement. Payable in 9 monthly installments September through May.
        $1,710 (two days/week)
        $855 (one day/week)


NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: $500.00 (per student)
The deposit is credited towards tuition and is charged 10 days after enrolling with FACTS (for new families) or on or after February 20 (for returning families).  If you have more than two children and are unable to afford a single deposit payment, please contact our Admissions Director at admissions@dominionschool.com

Payment Plan Options

One Payment: Due on the 1st or 15th of May 2023 (tuition insurance optional)

 - $500 tuition deposit due at the time of enrollment
- $25 FACTS enrollment fee

- Includes remaining Tuition, Tuition Insurance (optional) and Student Activity Fee

Two Payments: Due on the 1st or 15th of May and November of 2023

 - $500 tuition deposit due at the time of enrollment
- $25 FACTS enrollment fee
 - May payment includes 50% of remaining tuition, plus Tuition Insurance (required), and Student Activity Fee
- November payment includes remaining 50% tuition

Twelve Equal Payments: Due on the 1st or 15th of each month, May of 2023 through April of 2024

- $500 tuition deposit due at the time of enrollment

- $55 FACTS enrollment fee

- May payment includes 1/12 of remaining Tuition, plus Tuition Insurance (required) and Student Activity Fee

- June-April payments will each include 1/12 of remaining tuition

Monthly paying families may opt for a due date on the 1st or 15th . Dominion will apply a late payment charge of $100 per child for payments not received within 10 days of the selected due date, and FACTS will assess a $30 fee for a returned ACH draft. Prompt payment is greatly appreciated.

Families must enroll in FACTS, the third-party tuition management servicer selected by Dominion Christian School. FACTS charges FACTS accepts payment via ACH drafts (no fee) or via credit card (convenience fee applies). Any questions regarding tuition payment should be discussed with Dominion's business manager.  Please call our office, and we will put you in touch with our business manager.



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