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Dominion Blog

What is the Harkness Method?

The Harkness Method is a round-table approach to learning that was developed at Phillips Exeter Academy, a premier New England college-preparatory secondary school founded in 1781.  This approach to teaching emphasizes conversation-based instruction...

Podcasts on Classical Education

Podcasts are such a convenient and interesting way to learn. I love how easy it is to pop in my headphones and go for a walk, do the dishes, or mow the lawn — all while learning about the latest startup in Silicon Valley or how to hack my morning...

What is the Trivium?

Until the progressive educational reforms of the late 1800s and early 1900s, classical education was the prevailing form of education. It was the education of our forefathers as well as most significant thinkers and philosophers throughout human...

Easy, Healthy, and Kid-Approved Lunches

Let’s be honest: you're busy. You might not have time to cut your kid’s sandwich into little stars and leave an inspiring note. And that’s okay. Your child will grow up feeling just as loved as the person whose lunch is color-coded. 

7 Wonderful Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

As parents, we often want to do everything we can to prepare our children for success.  We’ve come up with a list of some terrific, and perhaps, unexpected ways that will aid in developing your child’s brain and body to enter primary school.

Our Public Statement on Recent Events


"A profitable conversation about current events always begins in antiquity," remarked Joshua Gibbs (a talented educator in a sister classical school) to his students in response to last week's happenings at the Capitol.  

Six Resources for the Season of Advent

This has been a difficult year, filled with tension and waiting. When will this pandemic end? When will we get a vaccine? When will my kids be able to travel and see their grandparents? When can I stop worrying about my loved ones? If you’re like...

Election Day and the Liberal Arts

Already, more than 90 million United States Citizens have voted.  Millions more will cast ballots today. 

Hidden Blessings in the Pandemic

Most of us have experienced a significant disruption at some point, be it a serious illness, the death of a loved one, a season of unemployment, or a move to a new area. Clearly, COVID has been a disruption for our community and the whole world....

30 Things to Do With Your Children While You're At Home

As a school leadership team, we've recently discussed the difference between "entertainment" and "leisure."  Screens provide entertainment.  Have we lost what it means to enjoy "leisure?"  Below, we offer a series of ideas that may help you add...