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Podcasts on Classical Education

Posted by Sarah Wishard on Oct 14, 2021 11:18:12 AM

Podcasts are such a convenient and interesting way to learn. I love how easy it is to pop in my headphones and go for a walk, do the dishes, or mow the lawn — all while learning about the latest startup in Silicon Valley or how to hack my morning routine. There are podcasts for every niche, so it’s no surprise that there are several for those interested in classical education. 

In no particular order… 

The Best Podcasts on Classical Education

Classical Stuff You Should Know 

This podcast is meant “to aid both educators and laymen alike as they delve into the classical world.” Graeme Donaldson, A.J. Hanenburg and Thomas Magbee are funny, interesting, and will help those who want to learn about the classical tradition in an accessible way. The three gentlemen are involved with Veritas Academy in Austin, Texas, and their conversations are worth listening to. 

To start: Try episode 67, which talks about chronological snobbery and whether there is value in the classical movement. Episode 17 is a crash course on the Trivium and episode 19 is a helpful look into “The Lost Tools of Learning,” the article by Dorothy Sayers that helped launch the classical movement. 

The Commonplace

This podcast is produced by a homeschooling mom who is passionate about sharing the ideas of a classical education with a focus on Charlotte Mason. There is plenty of overlap between the world of Charlotte Mason and classical education, and this podcast has the benefit of being short and winsome. In short, 15 minute chunks, Autumn Kern shares a nugget of wisdom from Charlotte Mason and offers practical tips for applying these ideas in the home. Targeted towards moms, it is a valuable listen for anyone. 

To start: You could start at the beginning (there are only 9 episodes aired at the moment), but Episode 2 is all about memorization, an integral part of a classical education. 

Circe Institute 

The “Center for Independent Research on Classical Education” is an outstanding organization. All sorts of classical Christian education heavyweights contribute to their material, including Andrew Kern, Christopher Perrin, and Joshua Gibbs.

To start: Try Proverbial by Joshua Gibbs or Café Schole with Christopher Perrin! The Ask Andrew Podcast with Andrew Kern is also good for people with questions about classical education. And, no, he is not related to the Autumn Kern mentioned above! 

A quick caveat: I have not listened to every single episode of all of these podcasts. I’ve listened to enough to find them worth recommending.  I hope they deepen your understanding of the classical tradition and help you find your way in the world of bringing up children to love what is good, true, and lovely. 


Sarah Wishard grew up in a family of classical Christian educators.  She was in fourth grade when her parents started a study center that grew into a full-time classical Christian school near Akron, Ohio.  Currently in her seventh year of teaching, Sarah is enjoying her second year at Sandford International School.  Our students and families at Dominion will remember her as Miss Flenniken, our beloved fourth grade teacher from 2017-2020.  She and her husband, Grant, are living and teaching in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and are ready to welcome any visitors who are up for crossing the Atlantic!