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Alumni Spotlight with Anna Grace Shepherd

Posted by Savannah Hard on Dec 7, 2021 3:09:30 PM
We talked with Anna Grace ('19) about her experience here at Dominion. 
What did you love about Dominion?
I loved a lot of things about Dominion, but the relationships I made with my fellow classmates and my teachers are relationships that I know will last me a lifetime. These people have encouraged me, challenged me, and prayed with me through so many different phases and circumstances life. The academics at Dominion are also something I loved and valued. The rigor and level of academics challenged me in the best ways and made me the well-rounded student I am today. 
Favorite Memory or Tradition
My favorite tradition at Dominion has always been the middle and upper school fall retreat, especially when I got to share my testimony my senior year! These retreats were always full of soccer games, house Olympics, and long and deep talks with my peers, I looked forward to these retreats every year. My favorite memory at DCS was being able to establish and play on the high school girl's soccer team. It was such a joy to play my favorite sport with my favorite people! 
Favorite Class at Dominion
Definitely environmental Science with Mrs. Dykhoff or Thesis with Mrs. Shannon. I wrote my senior thesis about the prison nursery system and I loved every second of it!
Where/What am I doing now
Right now I am a junior at Baylor University (sic 'em bears)! I am studying public health and business administration and I am also in the BIC program in the Honors College. I am a tour guide on campus and it has been such a joyful job! I spend my summers working as a camp counselor at Pine Cove Ranch in Tyler TX where I get to share the Gospel with some super sweet 6th and 7th graders.
How Dominion Prepared Me
I learned many life lessons during my time at Dominion. Dominion prepared me for life after high school by giving me the tools to learn how to reason well, stand up for what I believe in, and appreciate the little things in life that can point us towards gaining wisdom in unexpected ways. Adjusting to college life is hard, but I know my time at Dominion prepared me in unimaginable ways and for that, I am so grateful.
Advice for Current DCS Students
Soak up every single moment, even the ones you think you won't miss. Trust me, you will miss talks by your locker with your friends, you will miss house bonding activities, and study halls outside and yes, you will even miss those classes where you are sitting around the tables with the classmates you have grown up with. Cherish it all! And keep up the hard work!! The days are long and sometimes the assignments seem never-ending but the education and the life lessons that you are learning at Dominion will benefit you greatly in your future endeavors. Lean back on the goodness of the Lord when it is hard and trust that He will get you through it, just like He has before.