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Our Public Statement on Recent Events

Posted by Matt Mitchell on Jan 13, 2021 11:15:18 AM



"A profitable conversation about current events always begins in antiquity," remarked Joshua Gibbs (a talented educator in a sister classical school) to his students in response to last week's happenings at the Capitol.  

Amid the flurry of published statements and commentary from people, businesses, non-profits, and government organizations last May, I was asked if Dominion would prepare a public response to the George Floyd incident.  After this last week, I received a couple of like inquiries. 

Many events this year have been horrific, and we obviously grieve over the brokenness of our world.  Still, as Gibbs’ comment might suggest, our form of education IS our public commentary.  To properly analyze human nature, politics, gender and sexuality, or race relations is an endeavor that takes hours, days, weeks, and years - not just a few words, sentences, paragraphs, witty tweets, or social media posts.  We do indeed have much to say on these topics, and we believe that there is much to know in order to comprehend and handle the many nuances of weighty problems.  We look to the past to understand the present and the future.  We look to the Scriptures to better understand the norms God has placed within His creation, the way the world was supposed to work, and the ways the world has been affected by the sin of humans.  These are the places where we shine.  "There is nothing new under the sun" (Ecclesiastes 1:9).  

At the risk of cheapening these sentiments by turning pragmatic, if we want to speak truth into our society and to make a difference in events such as those that happened this past week and over the course of the last year, we should push Dominion and likeminded organizations, books, and people into the mainstream.   We have an opportunity to raise up a generation to understand and act and behave with that theological and historical knowledge and wisdom always in the background.  This is our moment, classical school teachers & parents.  In addition to teaching our children to study the cultures of the past, ideas, and theology, we should delve into these areas ourselves.  Words, sentences, and paragraphs can only say so much, but a lifetime of study and seeking understanding can yield the "knowledge, truth, and wisdom” (our school’s tagline) for which all of humanity thirsts.