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30 Things to Do With Your Children While You're At Home

Posted by Matt Mitchell on Apr 15, 2020 2:36:39 PM
As a school leadership team, we've recently discussed the difference between "entertainment" and "leisure."  Screens provide entertainment.  Have we lost what it means to enjoy "leisure?"  Below, we offer a series of ideas that may help you add structure, routine, or order to your home while you are with your children because of coronavirus.
  1. Let your child teach YOU something (a hobby, interest, or something learned at school).
  2. Walk the dog
  3. Father and son hiking in the mountains on a sunny dayTrain your pet
  4. Play board games
  5. Hike
  6. Bike
  7. Build a fort
  8. Play with Legos
  9. Design a program and have a family concert
  10. Sit on a porch or patio and enjoy nature
  11. Dance
  12. Have a family nerf battle
  13. Play croquet, cornhole, or other outdoor games
  14. Listen to podcasts
  15. Listen to audiobooks
  16. Write a letter
  17. Read aloud as a family
  18. Plan and prepare a nice dinner
  19. Planting a plantHave breakfast together daily
  20. Spruce up the yard
  21. Do spring cleaning
  22. Paint or make furniture
  23. Learn to draw
  24. Learn to do First Aid and CPR
  25. Learn to play a musical instrument
  26. Teach kids to sew on a button
  27. Teach kids to do laundry
  28. Teach kids to cook a meal
  29. Teach kids to bake
  30. Teach kids to iron and starch clothes
  31. Make toilet paper (ok, that's #31 - consider it a bonus!)
You may not know how to do all of these things, but YouTube is a great resource!  May these be times we can reinvent our rhythms, rediscover passions and interests, and enjoy our families!