Fine Arts


Oliver Wendell Holmes once quipped, “[Music] is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.”

The arts feed a man’s soul, making a solid education in the arts essential to the development of the whole person. Each year a student is enrolled at Dominion, he or she must take a course in visual art, chorale, general music, or drama. Fifth and sixth grade students may choose between chorale or drama. Interested students may continue with one of these selections in middle school. Additionally, students must take a course in visual art through middle school.  Classical guitar is required for all freshmen, and students may choose to continue with the guitar for all four years of high school. As juniors and seniors, students must also take a course in the History of Western Art & Music. In addition to a robust offering in music and performing arts, students take courses in visual arts from grades K-8, and they may continue their studies in this area in the upper school if they so choose. The core fine arts program is designed to provide students with broad arts exposure. Additional arts non-arts related before- and after-school activities are available, as well.