Admissions Policy

Admissions Procedures

  • Upon return of a completed application form, an interview with the family will be arranged with the Head of School. Application files are not considered complete until the candidate has completed all paperwork, returned reference forms, tested, and completed the interview.
  • A review of all other required materials (as stated on the application form), and the administration of the Dominion Entrance Tests/Screening as an evaluation for grade placement of the student will be conducted. In collaboration with the administrative team, the Head of School makes all admissions determinations.
  • The school notifies parents in writing with the decision regarding acceptance.
  • All financial arrangements between the family and the school must be understood before an admission is considered final.
  • The new family is strongly urged to attend the New Family Orientation held at the school during an evening, normally in late August.

Admission Requirements for the Student

  • A child must have reached the age of five years by October 1 of the fall in which he would be entering Kindergarten.
  • A child must have reached the age of six years by October 1 of the fall in which he would be entering 1st Grade. Rare exceptions may be considered through petitioning the Head of School.
  • If a child has successfully completed the previous school year and his school work and behavior compare favorably to the comparable grade at Dominion, the child will likely be placed in the grade for which he is applying. However, if through the administration of the Dominion Entrance Tests or other evidence, it is determined that the child may not be adequately prepared for the next sequential grade level, it may be necessary that he repeat the previous grade.
  • The child should understand that his parents have delegated their authority to the school. Therefore, he is subject to the instruction and discipline of the teachers and administration in their prescribed roles at Dominion Christian School.
  • Dominion does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, or national origin in the administration of its policies, admissions, scholarships, athletic, and other school-directed programs.
  • Parents of children with known learning weaknesses applying to Dominion should make an appointment with the school to discuss appropriate placement. The school may recommend special testing and participation in the National Institute for Learning Disabilities “Discovery” Program.

Admission Requirements for the Parents

  • Though not required to be Christians, the parents of students in Dominion must have a clear understanding of the biblical philosophy and purpose of Dominion. This understanding includes a willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching (not forced indoctrination) of the school’s Statement of Faith in various and frequent ways within the school’s program.
  • The parents must be willing to cooperate with the written policies of Dominion. This is most important in the area of discipline (see Discipline Guidelines and Student Conduct Explanations) and school work standards, as well as active communication with the respective teacher(s) and administration.

Priority for Admission

These guidelines apply to new and returning students. As a general rule, students may be enrolled or re-enrolled according to the following order of priority. These priorities apply only after students have been qualified through application, testing, and interview. Returning students are considered qualified unless special academic or behavioral probation applies.

  • 1st Priority – Returning students – Students who re-enroll from the previous year provided they register before the set re-enrollment date.
  • 2nd Priority – Employee applicants – Students who have a parent employed at Dominion Christian School.
  • 3rd Priority – Sibling Applicants – Students who have a Dominion Christian School sibling enrolled.
  • 4th Priority – Other applicants – Students who do not meet one of the above criteria. Date of application is only one factor in the admission process and does not determine an applicant’s place on the waiting list. It does, however, determine the applicant’s place among other qualified applicants of the same priority level. No application is dated earlier than December 15th before the year of admission. All applications received before that date are chronologically equal.

Class Placement

Every effort is made to balance classes in grades with multiple sections. We endeavor to make all classes heterogeneous in boy/girl ratio and ability range. It would be impossible to satisfy all individual requests. Placement of students is an administrative decision based upon recommendations from the faculty and consideration of the overall needs of each classroom and individual.