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Christian & Classical Resources

Christian and Classical Resources

Many resources are available to assist parents in understanding the classical approach to education. For those just beginning, we encourage you to read “The Lost Tools of Learning” by Dorothy Sayers.

Other good books and articles include:

  • Wisdom and Eloquence: A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning by Robert Littlejohn and Chuck Evans
  • Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning: An Approach to Distinctively Christian Education by Douglas Wilson
  • The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer
  • The Well Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had by Susan Wise Bauer
  • Classical and Christian Education by Gregg Strawbridge
  • An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents by Christopher A. Perrin (Complementary copies available at our school office)
  • Classical Education by Gene Edward Veith, Jr. and Andrew Kern
  • Repairing the Ruins: The Classical and Christian Challenge to Modern Education edited by Douglas Wilson
  • How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren
  • Tending the Heart of Virtue: How Classic Stories Awaken a Child’s Moral Imagination by Vigen Guroian
  • A Landscape with Dragons: The Battle for Your Child’s Mind by Michael D. O’Brien
  • A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Van Demille
  • Desiring the Kingdom by James K.A. Smith
  • A Parents Guide to Classical Christian Education by Chris Perrin

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