"My children regularly came home excited to share what they learned. I often had to referee my children in the back seat on the way home from school because they each had so much to say. It was a good problem to have"
-- Dominion Parent

"I will never forget how deeply we delved into the character Pip and his skewed self-perception in Dickens' bildungsroman Great Expectations, questions about human nature as portrayed in Frankenstein, the theme of silence and compliance in the face of horrifying evil in Elie Wiesel's Night, and the many layers of my favorite book Les Miserables."
-- Dominion Alumna

"Dominion is a place that awakens the imagination."
-- Dominion Teacher and Parent

"We love Dominion's kindergarten. Our older son started there eight years ago and his closest friendship to this day are with those who were his kindergarten classmates. Our youngest son is a Dominion kindergartner this year. The most important aspect of the Classical Christian approach is it fosters a curiosity about the world and a life-long love affair with learning. That cannot begin early enough."
-- Dominion Parent

"The most crucial years of a child's life are the first five to six years. As parents, we are laying the foundation that will serve them for the rest of their lives. At five years of age, they are at the most precious budding stage of joyful observation; as parents, our responsibility is to take that joy and direct it towards an entire life of joyful, imaginative learning."
-- Dominion Parent