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A Day at Dominion

Posted by Caroline Cross on Jan 5, 2016 1:19:40 PM

Student writer Grace Leone shares her impressions of a day in ninth grade at Dominion. 

A day at Dominion is a full day. There's never a dull moment; even before the school day has started, there's something going on – from last minute homework to hurried socializing before the first bell.

At 8:35 we're each sitting in our respective classes, transitioning into learning and shaking off sleep. But even on Monday morning, as I sit in my Systematic Theology class discussing the inerrancy of Scripture and how to interpret God's word, it's hard to doze. We’re constantly interacting with each other, posing important questions, and debating controversial topics. Later, in Ancient Literature, we rewind a couple thousand years and study Greek heroes. It's amazing what you can learn about your own culture as you study books like the Iliad and the Odyssey. Next, in Ancient History, we learn about political, social, and economic phenomena, all correlating with our Ancient Literature class. It's a big transition from the Ancient Greek world of Odysseus, Achilles, and countless Greek warriors, to factoring by grouping and using the quadratic formula to solve polynomials. Algebra II is occasionally challenging, but I never leave class with unanswered questions. Teachers are happy to help outside of class. Meeting with a teacher in-between classes to brainstorm ideas for a paper is so helpful.

Lunch is a pause from the hard work. I sit and laugh with friends.

Before we know it, we're in the science room, frantically jotting notes as we learn about the Periodic Table, chemical and molecular bonds, and all things chemistry. From mulling over tests and sharpening pencils to nubs to writing and performing songs to help ourselves memorize definitions, we learn constantly. In our rhetoric course on public speaking, we are taught to master the skills we'll need in a couple of years when we deliver our Senior Theses. PE gives us the chance to stretch our legs by play sports or completing a grueling workout in Sport & Health, the gym that is just a minute's walk from the school building and where all Dominion students in grades 7-10 are members. Being a part of the Guitar Ensemble is always fun. We learn how to play together as a functioning group, listening to the people around us and discerning rhythms and beats. One-on-one time with the teacher always helps simplify challenging melodies and improve our playing.

And, in a flash, the day is over! Every day is different. Some are longer and more stressful, some fly quickly. Each presents us with challenging questions, ideas, and theories that provoke continued reflection, thought, and speculation.